Aug 31, 2006

Painting the Skylark

The Skizzer is finally getting painted. It has been down at Superior Performance for about 2 weeks and they've made some progress. I went down today and picked up my wheels (I'm restoring them while the car is in the body shop). I also snapped some pics while I chatted with Rene, the body guy working on my car.

Here are a few:

The green moss looking stuff is fiber-glass. They are using it to fill in a bit of body damage:

Some sanding. Rene says the car is an extremely straight car. Well worth the investment.

Rear shot. You can see they have removed the bumpers and all the glass:

Front shot. You can see I've put the original steel wheels while I restore the rallyes:

Rear. I kind of like her with all the stuff off. She looks tuff:

Aug 28, 2006

HD-DVD vs. Blue Ray vs. HD-ADD

HD-DVD will lose. It will lose for the simple fact that it is easier to say Blue Ray. Who the heck thought up HD-DVD. I mean, come on! What is wrong with DVD-HD?? It at least rolls off the tongue.

I think I have HD-ADHD or HD-ADD. My learning disorder is in HIGH-DEF!!

Anywhoo, I'm putting all my money on Sony and Blue Ray. That is, if I had any money. Speaking of spending money, I am painting the Skylark. I am going to try and blog the experience. I am very excited. It has been a dream for so long.


Pigs = Bacon

I don't hate pigs.
I just love bacon.