Jan 12, 2008

The Whole Fam...

The whole fam is here. We're missing Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave and Grandpa Mike should be here soon, but so far we've got a pretty full house. Tony, Hillary, and Parker are here. Grandma Janice, Grandpa Wade, and Alicia are here. Jessie and Kelsey are here although Kelsey is hiding in the closet for some reason. Tony says I shouldn't blog about this but he is full of crap and should not be looking at what I am typing.

Anywhoo, they gave Amy some pitocin so she should start laboring in earnest anytime soon. It is hard to wait.


The epidural nurse came in for a pre-epi interview. Hi-Jung. What a character. She came in saying, "Aaaaaaammmyyyyyy!... like a ghost!" Hehehe. Then she got all cranky because we didn't have ID bracelets. She couldn't leave with Amy's blood until we got them.

We're not getting the epidural, but Amy wants to keep her options open. Doing the interview and blood sample now will make it faster to get it later.

Tony is here.


They broke Amy's water to get things going. Amy is trying to get some rest and I am bloggin'. The rest of the fam is hanging in the waiting room. Tried to get iChat video working with Tony but it must be firewalled.

I can't believe we're having a baby! I am filled with emotion. I fully expect my mind to be blow'd by the end of the day.

At the hospital


Go For Launch

It's 7AM and Betty is loaded and idling in the driveway. We're headed to St. V's.