Jul 21, 2007

Her 15 Minutes

At the Harry Potter launch party Kelsey got her 15 minutes, or 30 seconds actually. Here is some footage of the news coverage:

Jul 20, 2007

Quick update...

Jessie lost! But she did so gracefully. She smiled for the judges but there were just SO MANY kids. Anywhoo, we're having a great time. The winner was a dead ringer for Colin Creevy (the kid who is always following Harry and the gang around with a camera).

Harry Potter Launch Party!

Coming to you live from the Barnes & Noble at Clackamas Town Center. Jessie has already won the games drawing and has hooked up with her Weasley kin (see pic). We're now beginning the costume contest. I think Jessie is a shoe in for the Ginny Weasley category although competition is intense. There are over 50 kids in just the 7-11 group!