Oct 16, 2006

Skylark Update!

Went down to Superior performance today and had a conjugal visit with Betty today. She's in primer and lookin great. All the body work is done, just the finishing touches on the body. They're aligning all the surfaces and making everything super straight. Bob (owner) explained that they lay down a guide coat made up of primer and a graphite powder. Then they sand down until they only see primer and metal. This gets rid of any minor fluctuations in the metal.

Here is some video I took with the Sony W100 (I left the DV at home):

I used the new version (iLife '06) of iMovie to lay in the audio and do the nifty bumper in the beginning. Ain't that cool? Just dragged the pics in to the drop zones and added it in like you would a transition or the like. It seems like I spend a lot of time on stuff like this, but I really don't. iLife just makes it really, really easy (yes, I know I am a total Apple fanboy).

And here are some pics:

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