Sep 15, 2007

Revenge of the NERD

I don't care what anyone says, this is awesome. Yes, I am a nerd but the force flows strong in me. It just happens to come out in the form of uncoordinated movements. Regardless, this app is cool. WiiSaber allows you to sync your Wii remote with your Mac. I was kind of hoping it would magically add a lightsaber to my hand, but it doesn't. It syncs up sound effects and rumble in the Wii mote to your movements. I look forward to seeing this in future Star Wars games and some sort of version that syncs up the video too. For now, you just have to pretend I am holding a lightsaber, I know I found it easy. :-)

I just have to say, iMovie 08 SUCKS. Although the insta-publish to youtube is super cool, I am probably going to go back to iMovie 06. Hopefully Apple decides that although people like all the features in iMovie 06, they don't want to learn Final Cut Express in order to use them. Bring the features back!!

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