Jan 12, 2008


The epidural nurse came in for a pre-epi interview. Hi-Jung. What a character. She came in saying, "Aaaaaaammmyyyyyy!... like a ghost!" Hehehe. Then she got all cranky because we didn't have ID bracelets. She couldn't leave with Amy's blood until we got them.

We're not getting the epidural, but Amy wants to keep her options open. Doing the interview and blood sample now will make it faster to get it later.

Tony is here.


Frosty Goodness said...

To help you flash forward and flash back: my 20month old grabbed poo out of her diaper this morning, smeared it on her face, then jumped in to bed to cuddle with us. ;)

Best Wishes!

David said...

Onesies, man. Onesies. That or a burlap sack. :-)