Aug 21, 2008

Olympics: I Weep for Nike Running Suit Designers

UPDATE: This is awesome! Bob Costas just commented about how the USA had their country letters written on their tags with magic marker. Bob Costas feels my pain.

I just got done watching the US relay team blow the final race by dropping the baton. Maybe they dropped it because because they were secretly lamenting the unfortunate disfigurement of their uniforms.

Beautifully designed, probably tailored, technically engineered uniforms. Probably worth a couple thousand dollars each. Then they are plastered with a simple paper number held on by safety pins (SAFETY PINS!!!). For some reason the USA's uniforms don't even say "USA." The letters are handwritten on. The women's half shirt uniforms have less room so the paper covers up the lettering on the front. The men aren't much better, instead of covering it up it says "USA" twice (maybe trying to start a half-hearted chant?).

So, to the designers and engineers at Nike, I am sorry. I mean, in the end we're all subjected to asinine decisions like this no matter what we design. I guess I just wish that it didn't have to be at the olympics.

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