Jan 27, 2009

Finding Out What Users Want

Justin Garrity put on an amazing TED Tuesday today here at WebTrends. This talk sums up and articulates a lot of what I hold to be true in the business of making products for people:


We also talked about Apple and the great example of iMovie 06 vs. iMovie 08 and the new version for 09. As consumers we're happy to live in the world put before us, we use the product and find issues and work around them. As designers we so many times forget to actually use our products. When we do use them we discover issues and ways to improve the product beyond just working around them. This is our gift and our mandate.

Services are a commodity and experience is the new measure of success. As we move from solving old problems to solving new problems we need to think about new interface paradigms. The way to do that is to hold on to that original user experience that we all have. We're in this business because we love great experiences and hate it when things aren't designed well. Sometimes it seems overwhelming but the best way to do it might be just to simply use our products. By using them we can see what people really want from our products and find new ways to not just fix bugs and make incremental feature enhancements, but really change the way people interact with our brands.

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