Mar 24, 2009

Twitter Birds

Today I watched Josh Klein's TED Talk at WebTrends TED Tuesday. It was a great talk about the intelligence of crows and Josh's study of them points to a more balanced way of interacting with nature. We watch TED talks every Tuesday and this is one of the best.

I loved the talk so much I shared it on Twitter. The next part is what I'm blogging about. Twitter. I've notice many times after I tweet something I'll get an upsurge in followers. Usually the new followers is made up of spammers who latch on to a keyword in my tweet. I judicially block them with great joy. I'm protective of my little world and I don't like what spam can do to online communities.

This time it was different. @seattlecrows started following me and I checked out the profile fully expecting the old 25 Following, 1,234 Following, and -20 Updates (usually about some free PC deal). But when I looked at the links I was pleasantly surprised to find some very compelling research on crows and very much in line with the research Josh Klein is doing.

Very cool Twitter. This is what it is all about.

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