Apr 30, 2010

adobe Photoshop CS5 FAIL

Ever since Adobe introduced the tabbed file window in CS4 I have had a serious problem. The tabbed file window is great in many ways but it has a fatal flaw. A flaw that I run into every fucking day.

Content-aware fill, 3D motion, applying paint effects, and moving a refs arms around might be something YOU do everyday. It's not for me. Those features are cool, but I'll use them once or twice in a long while. I use Photoshop EVERY DAY. And I am a fucking GURU. Filling in some grass with the magic wand? Kid's stuff. How about managing hundreds of comps for enterprise level web applications? Editing images is something I do, but if I had to describe my role as a designer, I would say I define BRANDS, shape products, and weave compelling stories. Photoshop is the last step in crafting amazing user experiences in print, web, video, beyond.

That is why, when you introduce a new feature like content-aware fill or you are making bulging muscles on a clay model I get kinda agro. Because every goddam day I want to do simple things to really complex files that will save me time and make my job easier and I can't because someone just didn't think something through. I mean, all I want to do is drag a layer from one file to another and I have to separate the windows in order to do that. It's a couple seconds of my day (plus another 30 spent mumbling under my breath about how Adobe engineers are douchebags) but it adds up. Don't even get me started on Fireworks.

It's the little things, boys. The little things. You can take your features and shove them up your ass until you fix the little things.

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