Jun 14, 2010

New Xbox 360: Beautiful, but...

Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox 360 design today at E3. Dayumm! This new black beauty definitely got added to my WANT list. I love my Xbox and I'm currently addicted to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I made the switch to Xbox a couple years ago after waiting and waiting for GT5 to come out (which as of this post, it still hasn't) and never looked back.

Xbox represents all that is cutting edge and cool at Microsoft. From the design of the UX to the thriving community of developers pumping out some of the best games in the business. The hardware is nothing less than spectacular as well. This new version of the beloved console is smaller, cooler, and cooler looking at the same price as the current model. Definitely a win.

However, as I flipped through the Flickr photo gallery I got to the last photo and was disappointed to see bare metal on the back. You can even see the the securing tabs on the USB ports. Some might say, "But Dave, you NEVER see the back. Who cares?"

To which I would reply, I see it once. That is enough. In Apple's Airport Extreme, the ports are finely crafted. I only see them once or twice but in those few moments I see the brilliance of Apple's design principles. Moreover, this is a low-level utility device for Apple, but it's flagship products get the same level of detail.

The beauty is in the details. It's how I approach every product I design. Even the most amazing visual design can be hindered and even ruined by a miss on a small detail.


Mr. Diggles said...

It's like Paris Hilton. Attractive from the outside but a mess of guts and process on the inside.

David said...

Yes. Yes, it is. OMFG a comment on my blog!