May 18, 2006

Just trying not to be a statistic...

Most 'bloggers' stop posting after about 4 months (don't know where I got that, maybe my ass... maybe some where real).

Went to "There's a Freightliner in my CSS Zen Garden" last night. Pretty frickin cool. Kudos to the Pop Art team. Incredible design and a fresh look at the design process.

Here are some links to examples:

There are even better examples in the queue. All CSS with a dotnetnuke backend. It is good to see PA moving in this direction on the development side.

Also found this site:

It is an ongoing t-shirt design contest. The image up top is one example. I love the main photo too. Those guys are livin the thug life. Fo sho. The guy with the gun is especially 'hard' lookin. Its hard not to lose yourself in this gangsta-blogga world.

Anywhoo, we should all be using CSS to create our sites. Three words, Transparent Alpha PNGs. Ok, 2 words and an acronym.

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