May 6, 2010

Today's 20 minute rant: Read Right Kleen & Dry Redesign

Today I cleaned a couple weeks worth of co-worker fingerprints, 2 year-old slobber, cat hair, dust, and other awesomeness off my MacBook Pro's display. Nothing like a good wipe down. But when I got to the office supply room I was surprised to see some innovation.

Now, we're making progress. As you can see in the photo, we've gone from tiny, tiny text and loads of branding to clearly labeled "wet" and "dry". Baby steps, right? But why not take an extra step and make it, like, REALLY obvious. You know? I want to be able to identify which one is wet and which one is dry from a ship off shore.

The problem with your typical screen cleaner is that somehow somebody failed to realize it is important that I know which wipe is the wet one and which wipe is the dry one. Maybe this is one of those situations where the person designing the packaging isn't actually using the product. If someone at Read Right could just go over to the package designers desk and just spit all over his or her display and just spray it. Really go for it. Then that person would have to go and wipe down their screen and read the tiny little text and finally give up and open the wrong side and spend the next 20 minutes bitching about it.

To save some time I went ahead and redesigned the packaging. It's not perfect, but a couple quick searches for "wet" and "dry" gave me some ideas for some visual cues. You're welcome.

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