May 6, 2010

One Shot: Wired's Tablet App FAIL

You remember 8 mile? I do, vaguely. The song "Lose Yourself" and a hooded Eminem pacing and vomiting in a crusty bathroom are stuck in my head.

I imagine this is what @wired magazine's design team went through when they were designing the Wired tablet app. I mean, you got one of the most amazing magazines ever. It's techy, the iPad and tablets are techy. You've got compelling content that speaks to the hearts of the people who will be using these products.

You have an opportunity to reinvent the magazine and save journalism from the brink of existence. You take all the thoughts you've had about interaction and the web and technology and what it is to be a human in the greatest age of our race.

And you come up with page turning.

Nice work boys. You really did it. Douchebags.


Jake Jaefferson said...

They should have hired you. You seem to be pretty good at picking out blogger templates. I'd love to see your take on it.

David said...

Oh, I get it. You're being sarcastic. Youre looking at this blog and saying that I shouldn't talk. Maybe you should look at the bio and go to the real site:

It's not the best designed site in the world but I spend most of my time designing other people's stuff so my personal site suffers.

Thanks "Jake Jaefferson", you really contributed something to the world here. Congratulations on being a douche bag.