Mar 30, 2006

Adult Swim Fix

I'm not going to predict the fall of television or say this is a sign that television is finally pulling its head out of its collective ass, but it definitely means something.

Diggnation mentioned this in their podcat from Reno. Adult Swim (via Cartoon Network)is streaming selected shows on their site. I don't have cable and nor do I want it. Stations like Adult Swim, Comedy Central, History, and Sci-Fi would probably ruin my life if I had access to them. Therefore, I watch selected shows, like Battlestar Galactica, via iTunes (and my video iPod). This kind of on-demand access is frickin awesome and will definitely become my main source of television in the near future.

I discovered a new show too. Which is just what Adult Swim wants us to do, right? I tuned in for Sea Lab 2021 (or whatever year it is) and Aquateen Hunger Force (Yeah!) but once I'd seen those I watched Samurai Champloo. Holy! Incredible. Animation, story, characters... holy shit. It rocks. Watch it.

The mention of my iPod made me think about how much I hate the accessories made for it. The Airplay Extreme sucks (I lost it though, and that sucks even more). The remote is lame. Why can't I navigate and select songs and videos with the remote?? I also got the AV Cables. First, why can't my AV cables for my digital vid cam work? For some reason they don't. Second, the jack developed a crack in the plastic after a couple of uses. And third, although they look cool, they got a little cute. Putting the color coding on the ends is inside of the ends as opposed to the outside. This looks good, but it means you have to peer inside inside the end to see what color you have. Irritating.

Didn't mean to go on a bitch session. I guess I just expect more from Apple. Doesn't really change anything, but I hope it isn't a trend.

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