Mar 31, 2006

Today's FBI. Its for you.

On the bus ride in to work I saw a bus with an ad for the FBI. It read:

Today's FBI. Its for you.
Become an FBI Special Agent.

(He looks serious.)

Today's FBI? So, um... not Eliot Ness? Clarice Starling? I have a feeling that, if the FBI needs to have an advertising campaign to recruit agents, today's FBI isn't like the Untouchables or Silence of the Lambs. Its probably more like working at Intel. Or Innotech.

Of course, I've always thought the CIA was way cooler. Sure they got a lot of heat for the whole 911 thing, but there is something alluring about the possibility of some kind of Alias/007/Mission Impossible action. My fantasy is that some straight-faced dude gives me a card and tells me to meet him...

Ok, wait. My fantasy is basically MIB. You know what I am talking about. Then maybe a couple years down the road I find out that my black ops unit is really an evil organization and that my father trained me from birth to be the perfect assasin.

So... yeah. An ad on a bus. :-)

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