Mar 28, 2006

Good news... I'm back.

Okay, so I didn't get the whole blogging thing. I'm an interactive designer but I wasn't excited about the internet. This is a problem. But lately, I have rediscovered the internet.

The love began back in 96 when I put my first image in the internet with Telnet. It was amazing. Fast forward 10 years and I'm going through the motions. It took Amanda Congdon at Rocketboom to snap me out of it. Actually, I guess it started with my video iPod. Video podcasts are awesome. Its kind of sad because there are a lot of really good audio podcasts but once you go video you can never back.

Anywhoo, the Rocketboom podcast opened my eyes to a whole new world of internet content. Diggnation, Wired, TWIT, etc. spawned more content links. And so on and so on. I realized that the web had come along way. I think this is why we're seeing a new boom. The real technology of the web is being applied to simple yet brilliant concepts and changing our lives. Suddenly, I saw my work in a whole new light and became inspired.

So thats why I'm back. I have something to right about! I'm having all these incredible ideas and I need to put them down somewhere. Sharing them helps. It takes fleeting inspiration and records them.