Apr 4, 2006

This is going to save TV

I've done it. I've figured out a new way for big television to make more money. This is the greatest thing since... since yodeling! Its not exactly a new idea, in fact, I am just ripping off the British.

Think of all the great sitcoms that have come and gone. The pain that we all feel when they go is tragic. McGyver, A-Team, Knightrider, Airwolf, Friends (not one of my favorites), Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, Family Ties, etc. Think of all the tearfull goodbyes at the final show. I mean the look on Danny Pintauro's face at the last taping of Who's the Boss was enough to make a grown man cry. Why did he have to suffer?

He didn't. Nobdody does. Not anymore. My idea is for American sitcoms to do what the British did with Black Adder. What they did was change the era of the show. French revolution, WWI, WWII, it doesn't matter. They use the same characters/personalities/etc. Its like repainting a car.

Imagine Friends in WWII. I'd watch it. Well, at least once anyway. Who's the Boss in 2056? Hell yeah! Lets say Alyssa Milano gets too old and Tony Danza becomes COMPLETELY unintelligible. Change the show to be based in China! Boom! You've got a whole new show!

This makes writing new shows totally unneccessary. Why come up with original content when you can recreate what you already have! Plus, the British did it first! It must be good, right?

No point here. Sorry if you read this looking for one. Just a random idea.

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