Apr 3, 2006

What I want

I've been asked what I am looking for in a job a lot as of late. Lets just say I've had the opportunity to meet with random people and the subject has come up. It's a toughy.

What am I looking for? I'll tell you, but keep a couple things in mind:

A. I don't ever expect to find what I am looking for (I can hear Bono singing! Can you hear it?!?).

2. Most likely, I will have to create or change the position I am in to get what I want.

III. The grass is always greener.

So, with that in mind, here goes. I am looking for inspiration. I "heart" the internet. But I want the internet to "heart me." I want to lead not follow and I want a company that is right there with me if not pulling me along.

I've worked for almost every design firm in Portland and I've heard the talk. I want a company that walks the walk. I've seen razor scooters zipping down hallways, Herman Miller furniture, flat-screen monitors, and Gamecubes. I've seen thick-framed glasses and limited edition Paul Frank t-shirts on people listening to only the latest and greatist indie bands. Its all very cool. Unfortunetely, it all seems to fade after the first week. And, eventually you realize that EVERYONE is working for Intel and Nike and that "working for _____" doesn't always mean the same thing. Moreover, you realize that, like the Ben Folds song says, "there's always someone cooler than you." And, sometimes people aren't expressing themselves through their clothes.

I'll admit, I'm a consumer of creativity. I've got my iPod and my Paul Frank shirt and my Ben Folds catalogue. And I'm not going to run if I see a gamecube or a razor scooter (although they are SOOO 1999). But I've realized its more important to create creativity. You have to USE all that creativity that you're sucking down. Embrace it but don't focus on it so much that all you end up doing is mimicking it. Its easy to get pushed back on your heels when you're on the cutting edge.

I'm looking for a moving target. Let me jump on but lets keep moving. Lets see where we take each other. Help me help you. Resumes and portfolios are just a snapshot a career. I want a place that can see my potential and wants to help me get there. Even if that means I will move on to bigger things.

I was asked the other day, "What was your most exciting project? What project are you most proud of?" My answer was Freightlinertrucks.com. It should have been this:

I haven't worked on my most exciting project. Sure, my portfolio looks great. I have done some great work and I am proud. But still I haven't done my best work. There is still a lot more left untapped. I'm looking for an opportunity to create something great. To do something I call my best. That, is what I am looking for.

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