Apr 2, 2006

Moving Grandma

We moved Amy's (my wife) Grandma today. She is going from a retirement apartment to an assisted living home. Hard work but the reward is this:

I love the wood grain. I'm thinking this will be good office decor.

Also, I got a great record.

Its an Elvis hymnal record, "How Great Thou Art." Its part of this record mosaic project I have. The dream is to have a mosaic of interesting records in a grid on my office wall. So far I've got a Liberace Christmas album I got from a white elefant thing, South Pacific, Sound of Music, and the Graduate. Things seem to be leaning toward soundtracks, but Elvis will begin to balance things out.

The criteria for the mosaic are a mix of kitsch, artistic quality, and musical relevance. Elvis and Liberace are pure kitsch. I can imagine Elvis' producers saying, man, this guy is basically seen as satan. We need to do something! A hymnal! Yeah, that'll do it. On the oposite end of the spectrum, I chose South Pacific because it is a great piece of illustration. The goal is to have a mix of records with this kind of flavor. I'll put a pic up when it is finished.

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